Lay the Foundations of Excellence with
Coach John Wooden's “7-Point Creed”

In this first video lesson, you'll discover the timeless wisdom of Coach
Wooden, a legendary basketball coach who has shaped champions on
the court and world-class achievers in life.

About Coach John Wooden

John Wooden, crowned by ESPN as the “Coach of the 20th Century,” was more than just a basketball coach; he was a master at guiding everyday people to realize “what's next” in life. His mentorship impacted many individuals, from NBA legends like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Walton to thought leaders such as John Maxwell, who all attribute their successes to his teachings.

As the iconic coach of the UCLA Bruins, Coach Wooden's achievements on the court are unparalleled, leading his team to 10 NCAA national championships in just 12 years. Beyond the court, he enriched countless lives through his books, speeches, and profound insights.

His teachings, like the Pyramid of Success, have not only influenced the realm of sports but also have deep resonance in personal growth, leadership, and business. Recognized in SUCCESS magazine, Entrepreneur, and leadership seminars globally, Coach Wooden's bestselling books continue to be the cornerstone for personal development courses and workshops worldwide.

Quotes from Super Achievers About Coach Wooden

Coach Wooden was the master at getting to what’s next in life. He learned from the past, he dreamed about the future, but he lived in the moment. He lived for today. And don't ever think for a minute that he was teaching basketball. He never talked about basketball, he talked about life.

Bill Walton

UCLA Basketball (1971-1974), 2-Time NCAA Champion, 3-Time All-American

I don't see any shape or form why John Wooden’s philosophy would not be utilized in every walk of life, whether you're gonna be an athlete, whether you're gonna be a corporate executive, whether you're gonna be in law, whether you're gonna be in medicine.

Dick Vitale

Sportscaster, Inductee Basketball Hall of Fame